Shawn Wieler (Tenor)

I live on a country acreage near Horndean, MB, along with my wife, Linda and our five children, Lance, Samuel, Kimbri, Grace and Tyrel. As an occupation, I work at a trailer manufacturing shop as Parts Manager.
     It has been an honor and privilege to sing with these guys at the different gospel events that we’ve been invited to. The biggest highlight for me has been the hospital and prison ministry that Glorybound is involved in. Seeing the joy and peace on the people’s faces as we share God’s word in song with them has made every effort worthwhile. Even though we go to try to encourage these people, very often I’m the one encouraged by them. To all those who have contributed to the ministry of Glorybound, whether it be verbal or written encouragement, and or financial support, every bit of it has been deeply appreciated. Most importantly, to all those who have supported us in prayer, we are extremely grateful and ask that you continue to do so. I believe God has used you to allow us to do what we enjoy doing so much!